We are moving into a world where there are more jobs than qualified people to fill them. According to Manpower’s 2018 Global Talent Shortage Report, 45% of employers globally are struggling to fill positions.

It is one of the biggest challenge’s organisations are facing today and can seriously hurt the growth of the business. This obviously does not mean you should start hiring unsuitable candidates. There are strategies that you can use to overcome this challenge and grow your organization without constraints.

We have put together these simple yet effective ideas that can help you solve your problems with the talent shortage.

1. Consider unconventional candidates

In a world where everyone wants people with years of experience, promising candidates who have the right mindset and match your company’s values might not pass the filters set in place.

These candidates might even be migrants who have valuable experience overseas but do not possess experience in your country. You can gain access to un-tapped talent by broadening the funnel and relaxing some filters if possible.

This can be achieved by interviewing based on skills and potential instead of just counting the years of experience.

You can also partner with organizations that are already placing unconventional candidates into jobs. They are experienced in vetting these potential employees and can be very helpful when testing this strategy. Look into Wiso Global to tap into such employees.

2. Employee Referral Program

Utilizing your employees’ networks to find the right candidate for the job is a very efficient way of solving the problem of the talent shortage.

No one wants to refer a bad candidate. Providing a valuable incentive for employees to refer someone can help you find great people with ease whilst saving a lot of time and resources.

3. Partner with a staffing agency

Partnering with a qualified staffing agency like Wiso Global can greatly relieve of your challenges with the talent shortage. Such organizations have an established pool of talent that you tap into to fill your needs. This external resource can be invaluable.

4. Upskill your current workforce

According to a Bridge survey, most employees would choose education and upskill over work-life balance, free meals and benefits as an incentive to work somewhere.

When it is difficult to right people for a job, you can upskill your trusted employees to make them capable of performing the new role. With this, you not only fill in new positions with ease, but you also retain some of your best employees.

We know how stressful it can be when there is a talent shortage and you are under immense pressure to fill the vacant jobs.

That’s why we at Wiso Global have taken it upon ourselves to source talent, provide them with the necessary equipment, train them to get the required qualifications and deliver them to you to place them in jobs.

Wiso Global also helps organizations upskill their employees so you do not have to look elsewhere to fill new jobs and also retain the best employees.

We create a talent pipeline that you can rely on to meet the unexpected needs of your company. The industries that we currently cover are cleaning, warehousing, hospitality, and construction/labor.

Due to our high standards, we only partner with organizations that match our core values of honesty and legitimacy.

If you need talent for your client or organization, get in touch with us at info@wiso.global today and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

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