Employers are often unsure if hiring migrants is a good idea for their company. They fear that their communication constraints and different value systems can be detrimental to their organisation. But at the same time, they notice some of the benefits of hiring Migrants like their ability to fill in the gaps in skills required by some jobs that are not being satisfied with the current workforce.

A study conducted by the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS) in 2015 found that migrant workers are benefiting businesses and the value they bring to the organisation outweigh the language and culture constraints.

Here are 5 benefits that a migrant employee brings to the table:

1. Filling Skill Gaps

Migrants can expand the workplaces ability to expand their current workload by enabling the business they work for to expand, take on more contracts and grow. Migrants also provide access to a wider talent pool and this has helped in filing positions whose skills were not easily found in the UK, Australia and USA.

2. Devotion

Migrants have left their countries where they have a sense of safety, comfort and knowingness. Due to this, they have lost their connections, circle of influence and possessions. Having survived all that and starting fresh, they are survivors. Often, this makes them extremely devoted and hardworking employees due to how grateful they are for this ability to work and their nature to constantly keep self-improving.

3. Valuable Connections

The same study by BIS stated that the networks of migrants was their most unique benefit. It helped companies expand into new markets and improve relations with foreign markets.

Migrants introduced the company to new customers by marketing to migrant communities and helped with recruitment by referring to local workers.

4. Problem Solving & Diversity

By integrating people from different parts of the world into your workforce, you make your workforce diverse and diverse teams look at problems and generate ideas from different approaches. It also makes the workplace an interesting place with employees getting exposure to different religions, foods and cultures.

5. Innovation

Migrants took a huge bet on themselves when they moved to a new country. They are natural risk takers which makes them great employees. Companies need to innovate constantly to keep ahead of the competition and migrants being risk takers bring creativity and innovation to the table.

In Summary

Migrants offer a lot more value to a company than is usually known. They can be pioneers and great problem solvers that can take your business ahead of everyone else. Their strong sense of devotion makes them reliable employees that get things done. In addition to filling skill gaps, migrants also offer a very valuable commodity, that is their connections so you can have help expanding into new markets.

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