In industries such as Cleaning, Construction, Warehousing and Hospitality over the last decade have seen remarkable changes to how increasing cut throat it has become, with margins and profits gradually decreasing.

The profits are decreasing in order to service customers and to beat the competitors out there, but then there is a constant challenge to keep the lights on and the employees paid. Whilst sitting here and writing this article I sit back and realise where the future may be heading or even if there may be a future.

In the business world we keep hearing why, why do you do what you do?
Personally, I find my why to be a great motivator and driver to keep you going in business when things get tough.

But how do you really stand out when all cleaning companies know that the base price is for example $45 per hour +GST and are delivering the best customer service, testimony after testimony.

After a plethora of endless service guarantees such as Quality guaranteed, free first clean, money back guaranteed the list goes on and you are constantly at a loss to get your services across the line.

This led me to think about the service-based industry… what is it that really sets you apart as a company? Let’s put aside the benefits of what you deliver because majority of companies preach the same sermon. Let’s look internally for a second here, let’s take all commercial cleaning companies tendering at the base price at $40 + GST per person:

  • What is your real differentiator here?
  • Are your systems of management suitably for the future of service-based industries?
  • What are you doing for streamlining your processes and procedures?
  • How have you utilized technology to assist with your company internally and externally?
  • How is your style of recruitment, training and deployment?
  • What are you doing to minimise downtime of communication and issues?

When I consult to companies and even internally investigate my own cleaning company, I analyze what the inefficiencies are and put the brakes on in that area. Putting the brakes can be detrimental in the long run when service-based industries are squeezed from all the juices it has.

The most common issues which relates to all business, are cost of overheads, management of people and breakdown of communication which ultimately destroys congruency in service. Due to the lack of so much noise in the business industry, business owners, mid-managers and recruiters are always trying to find what is appropriate, not understanding the power of resources currently at their disposal.

I quiz them, whilst noting Henry Ford as a powerful example, what gave him the ability to take on the automotive industry? Simply put – He did not invent manufacturing, he perfected it!

This is an idea so powerful that I preach to business owners that they need to initially harness the power from within the business and perfect it, understanding and co-operating with the worlds most popular asset. Humans. Then putting into practice, systems and procedures which reduce and mitigate downtime in recruitment and training and then a centralised communication system, ensuring the company moves together at once.

It’s all about knowingness and being aware in my opinion. When you are open to idea’s which improves your bottom line and reduce time loss within your process and procedures, growth of your company, improvement of efficient service and productivity increases, you now begin to operate creatively and not competitively. You are now not reliant on competing for a dollar or two to add to your bottom line no longer.

A few take away’ s from the above:

  1. Analyse from within
  2. Note your issues (communication, overheads etc.)
  3. Examine how and what will improve these issues
  4. Take immediate action to resolve
  5. Measure, monitor, change and execute

Business is constantly evolving at an unprecedented pace, change is inevitable. Business owners, HR managers (internal and external), management and the like I implore you to take the time to really see the future of your industry and begin to create change from within which sets you apart.

As a side note for practicing what I preach, I run a cleaning company, the first of its kind to deliver cost services and not charge a profit and founding the first recruitment and HR company delivering a fee-free service to the blue collars industries; cleaning, construction, warehousing/manufacturing/logistics and hospitality. We have a few more ideas but cannot disclose at this present time.

My question to leave you with, what are you doing in this present moment to bring the future of your industry into the present moment?