In the few short years that I have lived on this green earth, I have noticed a lot of talk about resume writing and ‘particular skills’ etc. that are required to get a job. Now I do understand that it is required in some cases, but I would like to share with you a few things in which why I do not believe in resumes are the only way to secure a job in the blue-collar industry.

I have spent countless hours on construction sites, gyms and commercial facilities and even homes when I first began my career in cleaning. Meeting huge demand, short deadlines and working around the clock to deliver projects were my daily tasks. They all had one thing in common. Workers. Workers are the greatest asset when it comes to business and life in general. But when I needed 40 workers to complete a construction site within 48 hours, do you think as a small-medium business owner I had the time to post and advertisement on Gumtree/Seek/Jora etc. the list goes on, make a meeting, sit down for an interview, read through the candidates resume, contact references and think about hiring.

… not really.

That process would have taken weeks.

Meeting those ridiculous deadlines and client demands, gave me a valuable insights when it comes to handling any new person with any skill level which enabled me to pull through and successfully deliver outcomes for my clients.

I did not do any traditional meetings and here’s why:

  • All resumes were the same
  • All applicants had family and/or friends as contactable referees
  • All applicants will adjust their resume according to your advertisement

Does that ring a bell to you? How much can you possibly require completing a cleaning job (yes, I understand experience, but wait until I tell you how I overcame the no experience issues below)

My test to the candidates were to show me how much they really showed they wanted to work, and I was able to do this is a few steps.

  • I brought them all into a room with my existing workers and contractors
    • They all looked the part
  • I gave clear and definite instructions and goals at the beginning of the day
  • I followed up midday to ensure ALL workers were on par with the objectives.
  • I assessed and monitored their progress that day

Now you must be wondering, that might have costed you time and money. Well… not really. I strongly believe in the mob mentality or in the business world – you are who you hang around with. Placing workers all together as a unified team always got the job done. Why? Because in the end if people don’t pull their weight, they themselves won’t fit in and leave on their own accord and you will see your stars shine. If they do leave it is okay because you already have a lot more people wanting the job.

This may be a bit controversial to some, but when you are in a high paced industry, require a high staff head count and need people there regardless of their skills, your team will set the pace for new workers.

With clear communication, definite goals and targets and assigning tasks that not only alleviate pressure of your existing workers but allows the new workers to work side by side with the experienced staff. This I found so valuable with my team because the job still was completed regardless, and it is the workers who will assess what is the right fit for the company.

It’s all about the ethics of new workers and no resume could ever tell you that. It’s all about action.

This is the same mentality we utilise at Wiso Global, hands on training because that will test the ethics of all new workers. So, if you are in the Blue-collar recruitment industry or an employer, try it out next time and see how you go. Because I am telling you. Screening and processing and interviewing first sounds and is a daunting task, just put them with your existing crew and it’s either they are willing, or they are not.